Repair and Maintenance Work:
In the event that your PowerFloat is in need of a yearly maintenance check, is damaged, or is not operating properly, you can send it to our authorized repair facility in Estonia:

Triin Tohveri Hoburavi OÜ
60311 Kabila küla


Please contact us at or send your PowerFloat using the following instructions:

The following instructions apply to the ELECTRIC, CORDLESS and QUICK CONNECT models.

  1. Remove ALL accessories from the carrying case. Please ship only the PowerFloat, in it's case, contained in a protective box.  Please note: PowerFloat and Triin Tohveri Hoburavi will not be responsible for damaged cases due to shipping.  Accessories may become lost or misplaced if left in the case at the repair facility.  If your PowerFloat is a cordless model please include the extra batteries.
  1. Complete the Repair Authorization Form and make three (3) copies. 
      • Email one copy to PowerFloat at
      • Include one copy in the case with your PowerFloat
      • Retain one copy for your records
  1. Complete two (2) Shipping Document Labels
      • One addressed to Triin Tohveri Hoburavi OÜ
      • One addressed to your clinic (to be used for return shipping)
  1. Customers are responsible for all shipping costs.  It is very important that your return-shipping label is correct.  Please retain copies of all tracking numbers for your records.
  1.  Please ship your PowerFloat by courier only.  DO NOT ship via regular Post and do not include cash or credit card numbers inside the case.  If you do not have an account with a courier company, please notify us and we will make arrangements for your return shipping. You will be invoiced accordingly and can make payment with a bank transfer.
  1.  An emailed quote of repair costs will be provided prior to all repairs being completed. Please complete the authorization portion of the quote complete with your bank transfer printout and return it by email to
  1. All questions or concerns regarding the repairs must be directed to us by e-mail at  If you experience any problems with your PowerFloat upon the completion of the repair please contact us immediately.