October 2010

Back in Germany after a short visit to Estonia. l

August 2010

I'm currently working at Burg Müggenhausen equine clinic (http://www.pferde-klinik.info) near Cologne, Germany.

I will be going home to Estonia for a period of ten days at the end of September.

May 2010

I am currently working at Burg Müggenhausen equine clinic (http://www.pferde-klinik.info/) near Cologne, Germany.

April 2010

I am currently working in Weilerswist, Germany (http://www.pferde-klinik.info/).

March 2010

I am leaving for Germany at the end of March/beginning of April to start work at an equine clinic: Klinik Burg Müggenhausen (http://www.pferde-klinik.info/) near Cologne.

Until then, I am still in Estonia, offering the same services as usual.

February 2010

I will be flying to Düsseldorf on the 21st of February for a job interview, and I plan on staying in Germany for the duration of one week. If all goes well and I land the job then I will be leaving Estonia for another prolonged period starting this March.

January 2010

I am curently situated in Estonia until I find new employment. Aside from theoretical advice, I can also currently provide the following services


  • Lameness exam (without x-ray and ultrasound)
    • Nerve blocks
    • Joint injections
  • Floating teeth (with Powerfloat)
    • Wolf tooth extraction
    • Cap removal 
  • Problems with coughing, weight loss etc. 
  • Colic treatment



    Photographer: M. Staak